Classic art of Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore

Paul Lovett was born in Philadelphia on August 8, 1934.

Even as a young child he demonstrated a natural talent for art. During World War II, he sent letters and drawings to his uncle, Charles Rourke, who was an Army serviceman in Europe. His uncle would remark to his nephew about his artistic talent...and encouraged him to cultivate it!

The seed were thus sown .

During his childhood and teenage years, he would draw but it wasn't until his sophomore year at Atlantic City High School he really began actualizing his artistic talent. At Atlantic City High School, he took a number of courses in commercial art and design. Before graduating, he decided to attend the Museum College of Art in Philadelphia, which is now known as the University of the Arts, one of the most prestigious art colleges in the eastern United States.

Upon high finishing high school, he gave up work in his father's landscaping business and spent all his time drawing. He built his art portfolio and his strong wishes to go to art school paid off. During the summer of 1953 he was accepted to the Museum College of the Arts in Philadelphia and started that September. For a few years, he took the daily commute by train from Atlantic City to the “City of Brotherly Love" to attend school living the life of art student in the emerging "Beat Generation" there. Under the instruction of famous artists and teachers, Ben Eisenstat, Jacob Landau and Larry Day, he cultivated and seasoned his artistic abilities.

Most of his coursework at the College of Art centered on commercial art and design. From that instruction, he learned the necessary tools to develop his individual talent. He excelled in his coursework and in his art. In school, he received a prestigious award, the Elmer A. Aaron Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art. He thought about becoming an illustrator, but a chance meeting with a teacher directed him towards the advertising art profession.

Upon finishing college, he began his work as a freelance advertising artist. During the course of his career, he worked for numerous advertising and public relations firms in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area and that evolved working for himself!
He worked as a contractor for such firms as Wyble Advertising, James Hurley and Associates in Millville and many others. He did advertising art and design for numerous companies, including Reese Palley, the eccentric porcelain dealer who had his store in the historic Marlborough Bleinheim Hotel. He also did advertising art for Needle Craft, Airworks and Citizens Bank. At one point, he simultaneously did advertising campaigns for the Jersey resort towns of Wildwood, Ocean City and Atlantic City. From political campaigns to porcelain, his advertising art and his clients were unusually diverse.

In recent years though, his talent and love of art has brought him away from the ephemeral world of advertising to art that is more lasting and celebrates the places and wonderful memories of the Jersey shore. Within the distant roar of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean in Margate, Paul Lovett lives today with his wife Marie. He spends his days drawing in peaceful contemplation capturing lasting memories and good times of the Jersey shore in pen, color, ink and paper.

~Mark Lovett

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